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Grow your business without language barriers

The majority of people only use websites in their native language. So, if you are going global, you need localization to expand your readership.

Let’s suppose you run a fast-food company in Australia. Sales are booming and people are praising your sauces all over the internet. The content on your website resonates deeply with your Australian audience. It is full of Copperhead snake anecdotes and Aussie slang. Now, you are planning a launch in France. You want to not only translate your website to French, but also to localize it.

You need a translation agency that can rethink catchphrases, slangs, and anecdotes with the French culture in mind.

Our translators are also cross-cultural experts. They can translate content while retaining its context, connotation, and subtext. They can help you write targeted content using localized colloquialisms and idioms.

Localization will speed up your market entry and help you bond emotionally with potential customers.

Our project managers have hands-on experience in delivering localization projects within strict deadlines.

They are also available 24/7 to assist you with any matter. In fact, if you want to get a quote and timeline for your project within the hour, get in touch right now!

Localized content written by language and cultural experts

Imagine you are the content manager at a Norwegian sustainability startup. As part of your global expansion, you relied on Google Translate to convert your site from Norwegian to other languages.

Individual words were accurately translated, but the meanings were altered. Some colloquialisms weren’t translated at all and catchy slogans lost their punch. You drove more traffic to your site, but you didn’t get more leads. Poorly translated content was to blame

At Fast Translation, we can localize websites to various languages in limited timeframes. Ensuring that your expansion is quick, but also effective.

We have translators who put themselves into potential readers’ shoes while writing content.

We know many different target languages and cultures inside and out. Our translators have decades of experience in delivering highly engaging, localized content.

We ensure that every word is delicately chosen, and every sentence correctly connected.

Our subject matter experts assist in translating complicated topics, like IT and legal.

A second translator proofreads your translation. We format your documents and make them publish-ready before they’re sent to you.

Services to Reduce Your Workload

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Get any file type or format localized and made publish-ready

We support up to 50 different file types and formats. From PDFs to audios, and from videos to PowerPoint presentations.

We strictly adhere to even the tightest of deadlines. But, if we fail to meet one for some reason, you get a discount.

We also have an unlimited-revision policy. We will happily keep revising your content until you are completely satisfied.

All this at unbeatable prices.

So, if you have a document or a website you want localized, get in touch today. Our project managers will be happy to evaluate your needs, then provide a timeline and quote.

To go global, you need to go local

When you are entering a foreign market, you are trying to woo customers you have never worked with before.

Your original buyer personas don’t apply; your go-to sales pitches won’t work anymore.

Let’s say you run a bottling business in Germany, and are about to launch in Egypt. You get all your marketing collateral translated to Arabic, and start advertising.

In one of your most successful brochures, you make a joke about beer consumption. Since this was a plain translation effort, the beer joke stayed in the translated text. Within a few days of your launch, you
were trending on Twitter, but for the wrong reasons. You had offended thousands of Muslims who didn’t drink alcohol, with the gratuitous joke.

This is why mere translation doesn’t work for targeting a global audience. This is where our localization
experts can be of service.

Make your product feel local. Avoid offending people and giving a bad first impression.

Our translators can develop relatable anecdotes, slogans, and colloquialisms. Ones that will make you connect with potential customers in any language.

Moreover, you will get to know cultural nuances and rules from the very start. Don’t make a social blunder that could cost your reputation.

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Our translators are ready to help. Choose an option to begin in minutes. Contact us with questions or details about complex projects.