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Going global with your technology product is key to your growth. Yet, managing a technology project in another language is incredibly complex. The translations include diverse assets from the user interface to the landing pages. All translations must be consistent, technically accurate, and follow a tight schedule. We offer industry expertise and a carefully managed process to help you deploy on time with ease.

Meeting your needs

Translators that understand the technology industry

Technology translations come with a special set of challenges. One, the world of technology moves quickly, with constant updates and new releases. Besides speed, one launch may need translations for multiple devices, platforms, and languages. Plus, the translations themselves are challenging, needing high-level proficiency. Our translators have experience in technology fields and with companies like yours. We can understand your unique needs and meet them.

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Expert translations for all your technology needs

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Stay on Schedule with Fast Translation Service​

Your agile software sprints run on tight deadlines. Even so, with developers working on multiple User Stories, last-minute changes come up all too often. Accessing translations must be fast and easy to keep up with the pace of your work. Our online platform is available 24/7 and accepts most file formats. You can upload quickly without changes or conversions. Once the project is underway, we stay as organized as your development team so as not to delay a release:

Deliver your translated software on-time, every time with our efficient process.

Upload with ease. We can work with all your software files:


Launch new products while staying within your budget

Whether it's laptops, phones, or tablets, any tech product comes with extensive documentation. There are user guides, parts catalogs, service manuals, white papers, online help, and sales materials. Translations can be long and expensive, especially if you need multiple languages. Stay within budget for your technology projects with our low, transparent pricing:

Remove any price barriers to new technology launches with our cost-effective service.

Cutting edge technology translations

Quality translations through careful process and industry expertise

Extended reality, hyper automation, and edge computing are words that didn’t exist a few years ago but are popular today. Technology documents and specs are full of cutting-edge industry words and jargon. In fact, some words may not even have a universally accepted translation yet. In those cases, translators use experience and creativity to translate the words so they can be understood intuitively. However, individual expertise is not enough. The team needs quality control to ensure translations are consistent and match your objectives. We have both the experience and process to provide the highest-caliber technology translations:

Trust our up-to-date knowledge of tech fields with your most specialized translation projects.

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Case study: Up your conversions and revenue

Liam, the localization manager for a smart home company, knew what he needed. His company manufactured a complete line of popular products, including smart lamps, smart plugs, smart locks, smart thermostats, and smart light bulbs. It was time to expand, and they were planning a launch in three new markets. The amount of work was overwhelming. Software, online help, documentation, customer service, marketing, and sales materials all needed translation. Liam knew he couldn’t rely on individual translators. Instead, he turned to a professional translation team. He found a platform that handled the project efficiently, with a coordinated effort. They managed and version-controlled each document, met deadlines, and kept up with the most technical terms. On-time and on-target, the launch was a huge success.

45% of product launches are delayed. On average, 20% of those projects fail to meet their internal targets*

Launch delays are all too common but come with serious consequences. They cause you to go over budget, tie up internal resources, and fail to meet sales goals.

If your launch requires translations, there’s no room for error. Inaccurate or unreliable translations waste precious time. 

Reaching new customers starts with high quality translations. Get a free translation sample today. See how easy it is to get fast, accurate technology and software translations.

* Gartner 2019 Product Manager Survey