Ecommerce and Retail

ecommerce and retail

Convert customers with translations for both digital and physical stores

Communication drives sales. In a physical store, you use signage and catalogs. For a digital store, you have landing pages and product descriptions. Either way, the information must be clear, compelling, and relevant. Plus, to be most effective, it needs to be in the customer’s native tongue. Research shows that 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product in their own language. Count on us for translations that turn prospects into happy, engaged customers.

Engage international customers

Sell successfully, in person and virtually

It’s a simple rule: prospects who don’t understand won’t buy. They may have questions about your products, your prices, or your policies. If they’re confused, they’ll leave your store or website and visit a competitor. Well-done translations are crucial to your global success. Not only must the words be clear, but cultural nuances need to be relevant and consistent with your brand. Globalization is expensive; you can’t afford to fail. We take time to understand your products and produce translations that sell.

Expert translations for every industry

Translations for all your retail and ecommerce needs:

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Less time, more sales

Website copy is always changing. Products are discontinued, or their specs change. An online store changes its inventory each season. Dozens of new product descriptions multiplied by several languages means you easily need over 100 pages translated each season.

Making the switch, possibly in multiple languages, requires efficiency and speed. Google Translate may convey basic meaning, but your marketing and sales content will lose its persuasive impact. Our human translations get you more sales with minimal effort:

See sales increase without increasing your time invested.


High sales performance with low translation costs

Expanding to a foreign market is a huge job. A retail business needs numerous translations, sometimes both on and off-line. Restaurants, for example, need sign boards, tabletop signs, hostess signs, a printed menu, and more localized for its physical location. Then it also requires a website with an up-to-date menu for online orders. Translation fees can add up quickly, but we keep your costs down:

Grow your physical or ecommerce store while keeping your budget under control.


Earn customer trust with meticulous translations

Your reputation is your most valuable asset. The trust you built with your customers should carry into new markets. To do that, your translations must fit your products and brand exactly. Adding to the complexity are cultural sensitivities and international regulations. Mislabeled food packaging can incur fines and damage your reputation. Online electronics sales need a long list of disclosures and policy information. Our process provides quality assurance at every step:

Keep your customer’s loyalty with translators trained to understand your goals and help you meet them.

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Case study: Up your conversions and revenue

Deanna was frustrated. Over ten years, she built a solid customer base for her online bedding store. Shoppers loved her soft organic sheets and her friendly, customer-centric website. It was time to expand to a new market. Using automated tools, Deanna translated her website and advertising and launched with excitement. But her efforts fell flat. Sales were slow to non-existent, and website visitors bounced after seconds. 

In desperation, Deanna turned to a human translation agency. She was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs and quick turnaround. Even better, the translators spent time understanding her brand and her target audience. The difference was clear. On her new website, conversions were higher, and visitors stayed on her store longer. With a successful roadmap for expansion, Deanna is now researching additional markets and languages for her next launch.

57% of online shoppers purchase from overseas retailers*

The international online market is vast. Buyers from around the world can access your products, but only if they can understand them. And if you don’t reach those customers first, you can be sure your competitors will. Sales and success are waiting. Contact us today and get started with our free translation test.

* Nielsen survey