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Business and corporate

Reliable translations for clear communication and smooth operations

Conducting business in different languages brings many challenges. Employees won’t perform if they misinterpret training and instructions. Processes can stall due to miscommunication. Although your partners may know many languages, even multilingual speakers prefer to do business in their native tongue. Get quick, accurate translations to keep your business running smoothly in a global environment.

Boost productivity

Overcome language barriers to run your business successfully

Companies need a translation partner to help them manage multilingual staff and customers. As a manager, you may need to hire, train, and oversee employees who speak other languages. With convenient access to translations, you can lead a multilingual workforce with ease. Smooth operations depend on clear communication and understanding. Keep employees engaged and productive with accurate translations for training and processes.

Expert translations for every industry

Build partnerships

Communicate clearly with clients and stakeholders

Your business’s future depends on its relationships with partners, customers, and other stakeholders. In a global workplace, translations are key to building connections and goodwill. Misunderstandings on customer service support tickets can drive away your clients. Unclear annual reports can cause stakeholders to lose trust in your company. Translation mistakes during negotiations with potential affiliates can torpedo deals. Your team needs easy access to translations to communicate your messaging to others.

Reliable translations for all your business needs:

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Accurate localization

Build relationships through nuanced translations

One new partnership or client could be the most profitable deal of the year. The only catch is that you don’t speak the same language as your potential partners. To close the deal, you’ll need a host of translations for emails, reports, and presentations. It's vital that every translation be completely accurate. Local nuances, such as the proper way to address your recipients or correct use of idioms, matter. We know that translations depend on the details:

Our translators invest time understanding your document, its goals, and its target audience.

Time-saving efficiency

Get translations on time without draining your time

You scheduled the employee survey to go out company wide next week. Your team worked hard to get the questions right, but the survey still has to be translated into four languages.

You need to meet your deadline without draining your time and resources. Our efficient process ensures quick turnaround and minimizes your time investment:

Your schedule is packed with an endless agenda of tasks. Let us take finding, hiring, and supervising translators off your list.

Stay within budget

Cost-effective solution for high volume translations

The average person sends and receives 121 business emails a day. Multiply that by your number of employees, and the total is staggering. If even a fraction of those emails need translation, the word count can add up quickly. Plus, customer service tickets, invoices, and other common business files need translation, too. In an international organization, your translation costs can easily get out of control. We provide a cost-effective translation solution:

Fast Translation Service is the low-cost, high-quality translation solution for global businesses.

Our transparent process

Timely, efficient system for all solutions

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Download and review files. Approve translations or request revisions until you’re 100% satisfied.

Case Study

Dave is a mid-level manager at a growing IT company with offices in three countries. For years, the company trained employees in-person at their local offices. Live training became impractical when the workforce started to work remotely. After researching his options, Dave knew he needed to create e-courses. Time was essential since every new hire needed training.

The courses took hours of work to create. Dave’s team developed syllabi and handouts, recorded video sessions, and created quizzes. Their work wasn’t done. Each course had to be translated into multiple languages. Moreover, he needed them fast. Fortunately, a team of experienced translators came through for Dave. They got the job done accurately and on schedule. Now new employees can learn in their strongest language and quickly become productive.

A moderate improvement in the quality of language translation increased trade between countries on eBay by 10.9%.*

A moderate quality improvement increased trade by nearly 11%. Imagine what a significant quality improvement could do.

Business operations depend on clear communication. Poor translations erect barriers between a company and its employees, customers, and partners. Operations stall, partnerships fail, and businesses flounder.

Access the high-quality translations that enable communication and growth. Get started today with our free translation offer at no risk or obligation.

* Washington University research